The ultimate guide to Dragon NaturallySpeaking?


Is there such a thing as an Ultimate guide to Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Let me explain how I came to this question: If you have read my bio, you know that I have been a trainer for speech recognition software for almost 20 years now. However, I have a confession to make: running an international online branche to my business is a new experience for me.

I will admit, it has a bit of a learning curve. But I’m enjoying the process immensely and I get help building my business from an international online community for entrepreneurs.

Recently I had the opportunity to pick the brains of the leaders of this community and I got some useful advice on how to make people find my website.

I was told to write an article of at least 2000 to 3000 words from my blog a good title would be “the ultimate guide to Dragon speech recognition”. But it had to be a true ‘ultimate guide ‘, delivering real value and giving a good introduction on how to use Dragon (NaturallySpeaking). This would signal to the Google search engine (into the people that use Google) that my website really is serious about discussing speech recognition. I’m sure this is true and I am grateful for the advice on how to enable people to find my website.

But it is impossible

The idea of writing an “ultimate guide” about Dragon speech recognition in 2000 or 3000 words is… overly optimistic. I’m not saying that I cannot deliver really valuable information in 3000 words, but it would be preposterous to call that article an ‘ultimate guide’ to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I’d need 20,000 words rather than 2000.

Update March 2019: I’d started writing a series of “ultimate guide” articles, but I’ve changed my mind.

On this blog you’ll find many posts that will help you get a better understanding of Dragon. You’ll also be able to get practical, actionable tips for using Dragon. But there’s no way that any info on the web can be ‘ultimate’ about any topic.

Janneke den Draak

Janneke den Draak

Hi, I'm Janneke and I'm your go-to person for Dragon and Apple speech recognition software help.

When I got severe repetitive strain injury issues over 20 years ago, I didn't want to give up using the computer. So I learned all about controlling the PC with speech recognition and dictating my documents and emails.

I've now been a speech recognition software trainer and consultant for almost two decades, teaching over 2000 people handsfree productivity!

My online courses for Apple Voice Control and Dragon offer self-paced learning and I also love running my membership for Dragon users. For those in need of an intensive training or custom speech command creation, I am available for one-on-one calls.

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