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Recommended microphones for Dragon

For many people it isn’t easy to make a choice for a speech recognition microphone or headset.

So on this page I’ll list some microphones that I have used myself and can recommend. 

I’m not saying that these microphones are perfect, nor that they are the best choice for your particular situation. However I have found these models to give solid performance for many years

Microphone for Dragon speech recognition

Andrea NC-181 VM USB

The Andrea NC-181 VM USB is good value for money. It is absolutely fine for using with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition and it is cheap. I have many clients who have used this microphone for years to their perfect satisfaction.

It has noise cancelling qualities, meaning that it is less susceptible to surrounding sounds than some other microphones.

It has volume control and mute buttons in the cable.

Suitable headset for learning Dragon speech recognition

Jabra Pro 930 USB

The Jabra Pro 930 USB Mono is one of my favourite wireless headsets. I prefer headsets with an overhead band and this is one of the most comfortable that I have encountered. I have had one for about eight years now and it is still going strong.

The Jabra is excellent for Dragon speech recognition. The fact that this is a wireless microphone makes for a much more comfortable experience when using the speech recognition software for longer periods.


SpeechWare TableMike 3-in-1

Not wearing a headset or microphone at all is the most comfortable way to use speech recognition. The TableMike 3-in-1 makes it possible.

I’ve owned one for years now and used it for many hours of dictation and speech commands. Many tabletop microphones are subpar for Dragon, but this one really is good!

This one is only suitable for a very quiet office. But then it is excellent!