Online courses

The Learn Dragon Online Academy offers various digital courses about using Dragon speech recognition software.

Here is a selection of the titles that are on offer within the academy.

Some of the available multiple lessons courses

Dictation 101

This course covers the basics of dictation with Dragon.

You will learn how to dictate for best recognition.

You also learn about the difference between commands and dictation and how to correct words if Dragon gets them wrong.

(23 lessons)

Speech Commands 101

Learn how to control your computer by voice.

Dragon allows you to do most actions hands-free in Windows.

This course covers the basics of what you need to know about using speech commands to control programmes.

(14 lessons)

Numbers, currency & time

How to dictate numbers so that they are written correctly.

E.g. "4" in stead of "four".

Also lessons about how to dictate amounts in various currencies and how to dictate dates and times.

(10 lessons)

Some of the available single-lesson courses

Move and click the mouse by voice

Writing a blog post with Dragon​

Dictating in Firefox with the extension​

Backing up your User Profile​

Multi-level bulleted lists in Word​

Handsfree browsing in Chrome

An alternative dictation box for Dragon​

Downloading/importing custom commands