Book your one-on-one training ($97)

The 1-on-1 training is totally customised to your needs. These are 1 hour intensive sessions to significantly improve your Dragon results.

The price is $97/hour.

Please make your reservation via the calendar below. 

In the confirmation e-mail you will receive a payment link. The booking is not definitive untill the payment has been made (the time-slot will stay reserved for you for 8 hours).

For more details, please read on below the calendar.

Is 1-on-1 the best option for me?

Let me just highlight some situations where an hour of 1:1 tuition would be immensely useful and some where you may prefer to choose another way to work with me. 

One important point to mention is accountability. The fact that you are booking and paying for an hour of my time, usually ensures that you are going to show up and you’ll actually get a significant improvement in your Dragon skills.

This is great for you if...
This is NOT the best choice for you if...
  • You have been using Dragon for a while and have some success, but there are a few things you just can't figure out.
  • There's a specific program want to use with Dragon, but you don't know how. E.g. a database or company-specific software.
  • There are some words that Dragon just won't understand no matter how often you correct them.
  • You need the accountability. I totally get it, sometimes you just don't take the time for learning a new skill unless you book a session with an expert.
  • You don't now what to ask or where to get started with Dragon. (While I can get you started for sure, please also check out the Learn Dragon Online Academy)
  • You prefer working at your own speed through the course materials that are offered in a structured online training. The Learn Dragon Online Academy is a better choice for you then.
  • You're an HR or Occupational Health staff member and you want to find out if Dragon could be a good option for emplyees who have health challenges. Please book a consultancy call with me for that purpose (same price)