Login help

It is frustrating if you cannot login. It’s important for me to make this site as hassle-free as possible, ¬†hopefully this page will help you with your login problems.

I have not received my username/password

Please give it a few minutes after purchase and also make sure to check your email spam folder.

We do not currently send passwords by email, so the mails you receive from our system should direct you to a ‘set password’ link. There you can choose your own secure password.

If you didn’t get your login credentials, contact me and I’ll make sure the issue is fixed.

If you signed up for the free sample lessons, you can use the credentials you entered when signing up.

Other problems when logging in

There are a few things you should know about the Learn Dragon Online website.

  • The site uses a cookie to set your logged-in status
  • To prevent the site from brute-force hacking attacks, your IP address will be temporarily blocked in case of multiple instances of using the wrong username/password combination. You can try again after an hour if this occurs.
  • To prevent access details from being illegally shared, you will be automatically logged out from any other IP address than the one you’re currently logged in from. So if you’ve logged in on one PC and you want to continue browsing the course from a different PC or a different location, you will have to login again and your previous connection will automatically be logged out.

How to solve repeated loading of the login page or similar issues

This is the most common issue and probably caused by a cookie problem.

Refresh the page completely

First thing to try is pressing the key combination “control+F5” (by voice: “press control F5”).
This will reload the page completely.

Try incognito window or different browser

If that doesn’t help, do this quick test: try logging in from an incognito/private window in your browser, or from a completely different browser. E.g. if you have both Firefox and Edge, try the browser that you haven’t used for accessing the course before.

Reset browser cookies

Resetting the cookie should solve this. You’ll need to find the way to delete specific website cookies in the browser that you use. Here are instructions for…

Whitelist LearnSpeechRecognition

You may want to ‘whitelist’ the https://learnspeechrecognition.com/member domain in your browser, especially if you have fairly strict cookie settings active in your browser. (Open relevant privacy settings page in Edge, Firefox and Chrome)

If all fails

If you cannot get it to work, please contact me and I’ll make sure the issue is fixed.