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Have you struggled with Dragon?

  • Ever wanted a place to ask your question about Dragon as soon as you encounter it?
  • Ever wanted someone to just SHOW you how to get Dragon to write that particular word correctly?
  • Ever wanted to just throw the entire Dragon PC out of the window? (I’ve been there on occasion… 😁)

No worries, I totally understand! And I have your back!

Dragon speech recognition is wonderful. It is fantastic software and I am a genuine fan. But it can be a bit tricky to make it do what you want. 

That depends on how quickly you ‘get it’ and how many of Dragons features you want or have to master. E.g. just dictation, or also command and control of the PC and perhaps browsing the internet by voice.

I have created the Learn Dragon Online Academy exactly to be able to help you out with Dragon:

To show you how to get that particular word written correctly by Dragon every time. To answer your questions and help you get unstuck. Before (!) you get so annoyed that you don’t enjoy using the speech recogniton anymore.

Watch this video tour of the Academy

What you will learn

It can be frustrating to learn a new skill. Your goal is to be more productive with Dragon. But before you reach that goal you inevitably get less productive, because you have to learn how to use Dragon to your advantage.

If you want to learn to get much more out of Dragon speech recognition and you want to do so at your own workplace, at your own speed? Then the Learn Dragon Online Academy is for you.

You will learn …

  • to set up your user profile optimally.
  • effective dictation skills, including optimising and tweaking Dragons vocabulary in various powerful ways.
  • to replace many mouse actions by voice commands, so that you can decrease your use of the mouse tremendously.

You will also be invited to ask for help when you need it.

The Learn Dragon Online Academy is never finished. New content is added regularly and as a member, you can request specific tutorials.

When there are changes in the software, these will be integrated in the course materials.


Frequently asked questions

The Learn Dragon Online Academy is a membership.

There are courses inside the academy, but it offers much more than self-study digital courses.

When you purchase, you get access to the LDO Academy for one year.

During that time you can make use of the online courses, ask questions on the forum or during the live Q&A sessions.

After your membership year is done, you can keep continued access to the courses, forum and Q&As via an annual subscription for a significantly lower price. Current renewal price (Nov 2019)  is $79/year.

No. The Learn Dragon Online Academy offers training resources and user support.

However… if you run into tech issues with Dragon and I know the answer to your problem, I will – of course – be happy to help you out.

Not exactly, but if you have the Home edition, the LDO Academy may not be be the best investment. Consider a one-on-one training to learn how to use the Home edition optimally. The Home edition lacks many features that I teach in the LDO Academy, so it would be frustrating to see all the things you cannot use.

The tutorials in the academy are made for Dragon Professional Individual. If you have Dragon Professional Group, the Dragon bar looks a bit different. Functionality however, is almost identical and practically all tutorials and lessons will be relevant to you. As would be the case if you have the Medical Practice Edition

If you have Dragon Medical Direct online dictation, your experience may vary. I am not familiar enough with this edition to be sure of the usefulness of the LDO Academy in your situation

Unfortunately the Dragon for Mac version has been discontinued. I only cover Dragon for PC versions.

You can watch the lessons and videos, but you will not be able to do the exercises. 

Since you need Dragon to do the exercises in the lessons, you’ll have to use your PC or laptop. Skipping the exercises is not recommended. After all… who ever learned to ride a bicycle by watching videos of someone riding one? You’ll have to practice to gain the skills you want to learn.

The Learn Dragon Online Academy is not the same as individual tuition/training. The online course library contains info on working with Dragon in general applications like Microsoft Word and Outlook, Gmail and web browsers.

Many (most) of these skills can be used in other applications/computer programs as well.

In the forum and during the live Q&A sessions I can give personalised tips about other applications, but the academy doesn’t cover one-on-one time with me to work on your specific application.

If you are not sure if the LDO Academy would be a good choice for you, feel free to book a free discovery call. I’ll be happy to talk about this with you.

Fortunately there is some free content in the Academy to get you started with Dragon.

You can also check out the training resources in the software itself.

And YouTube is another free resource for learning about Dragon.

That depends 

Do you only need to do simple things with Dragon e.g. just dictation in Word? Or do you have lots of time and are you are smart with learning new computer software? 

If the tech side of using Dragon doesn’t scare you and if you absolutely LOVE figuring things out… then you probably don’t need my assistance. Hey, that was me over twenty years ago! I’m not against anyone going that road. 

However, if you felt totally confident you could figure it out yourself, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. So I’m guessing you see room for improvement and you feel that the help from an expert would be helpful.

Also… have you ever watched 15 minutes of YouTube video only to find out that what you wanted to know wasn’t in there??! 

And… have you been using Dragon and do you want to learn how to better make use of it? Maybe you’re not progressing because you simply don’t know what search terms to enter. Following the online courses gives you a really good idea of what’s possible with Dragon. 

Joining the LDO Academy means that you’ll have an expert to help you out when you run into issues of questions. You can repeat the lessons as often as necessary and you have a forum to ask any questions about Dragon.

The monthly Q&A sessions are also a great way to get your questions answered and to get inspired. Sometimes you need to hear someone else’s questions to realise what else is possible with Dragon!

Yes. I’m convinced you’ll find the site good value for money. However if you decide to cancel your purchase within 48 hours, you will get your money back. 


"Well worth the investment!"

Dragon was not friendly for this new user. The Learn Dragon Online course and the help sessions greatly facilitated my productivity.

Bob H (MD)


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