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Become fluent in Dragon

speech recognition

Learn to use Dragon Pro Individual effectively even if you have been frustrated with speech recognition in the past.

Are you struggling with Dragon?

Then perhaps this is you...

  • Dragon drives you batty, not recognising your dictation or commands.
  • You find yourself spending hours on YouTube and Google trying to figure out how to make Dragon work. Only to find out the information is outdated.
  • You fear missing deadlines or opportunities, because typing and 'mousing' is difficult. And you really need Dragon to help you out with that!
  • Dragon is hard for you to master because you're just not a techie.

No more worries! I've got your back:

Discover the

Learn Dragon Online Academy

And become fluent at using Dragon Pro Individual

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Learn to use Dragon speech recognition software from your own desk and at your own speed.

The Learn Dragon Online Academy offers online digital courses and support via optional membership.

It takes you from beginner level to proficiency via clear, to-the-point tutorials and command cheat sheets.

Do you want to...

Dictate with accuracy

Dragon can write down any word correctly and I will teach you how to do that. With my tips on accurate dictation, you'll have way less corrections to make.

Stop wasting time

Have you ever watched a YouTube tutorial for 15 minutes, only to find out at the end that it didn't tell you what you wanted to learn...?  Ahrgh!  Enough said! 

Be confident

No more worries about having to type up that big article.
You just pick up your microphone and you are 'typing' faster than your colleagues who use the keyboard.

Learn from an expert (and fellow user)

As someone who needs and uses Dragon on a daily basis, I teach you what works in practice.  I don't hesitate to admit Dragon's limitations. 

What customers are saying

portrait course participant


Membership student

I am a teacher, so I know about education

Your videos and all your instructions are all just super pedagogical.

I am a teacher myself and I appreciate that.

Thank you so much!


Course participant

Demystifying Dragon

My experience has confirmed what a wonderful job you do in demystifying and imparting the secrets of Dragon so effectively.

Bob H (MD)

Membership student

Well worth the investment

Dragon was not friendly for this new user. the Learn Dragon Online membership and the Q&A sessions greatly facilitated my productivity.

This is what you get in the

Learn Dragon Online Academy

  • Big Master your Dragon course
  • Short courses on specific topics
  • Forum for your questions
  • Monthly live Q&A sessions
  • Recordings of all Q&As with Table of Content
  • Find lessons easily via Search and Categories 

Sometimes it is just easier to show, so here is a quick video to introduce you to the academy

Check out the content of the Master your Dragon Course

Click on the module titles to see the lessons that are available for this module.
And don't forget that there are many more courses and lessons in the academy.

About this course

The first module is about introducing you to the course and to me, your trainer.

The titles of the lessons are:

  • Welcome and intro
  • Navigating this course
  • Practice makes perfect

Getting started

In the 'Getting started' module you are making your user profile and setting up the options. 

  • Creating a user profile in Dragon
  • Setting up your user profile
  • How Dragon works
  • Introduction of the Dragon bar
  • How to wear your headset
  • Prepare your browser for use with Dragon

About dictation

Dictation is a huge part of using Dragon so there are quite a few lessons in this particular module.

  • How to dictate
  • About your voice and your microphone
  • Confusion between dictation and commands
  • Dictation commands
  • Dictating punctuation marks
  • About Full Text Control
  • About the dictation box

Correcting Words

As you can imagine, life with Dragon would be miserable if you cound't correct words. So this module is short but sweet.

  • What can go wrong in Dragon's recognition
  • When not to use the 'correct ...' command
  • How to replace words if you should not correct
  • Effectively correcting words

Useful Commands for Dictation and Editing

When you are working with speech recognition, you don't want to have to move to the keyboard or mouse for editing your text. Some handy voice commands will help you do your editing hands free.


  • Moving the cursor around
  • Selecting dext
  • Deleting text

Vocabulary introduction

By optimising the vocabulary, you can make your Dragon much more accurate and pleasurable to work with.

These are the lesson in this module:

  • Introduction into Dragon's vocabulary
  • Build your vocabulary by analysing existing documents
  • Adding a word or phrase to the vocabulary
  • Adding a word or phrase with special capitalisation
  • Tweaking some properties of words

More about Voice Commands

Voice commands have already been introduced earlier, of course. But there's more to tell about them to help you to use them most effectively. 

  • What are voice commands
  • How to pronounce voice commands
  • Two types of commands
  • 3 Common causes of misrecognition of commands

Controlling Menus, Buttons and Dialogs

In this lessons you'll learn how to use commands for clicking menus and buttons. You'll also learn how to click the fields and controls in dialog windows (like print dialogs).

These are the lesons in this module:

  • Controlling menus
  • Clicking buttons by voice
  • Moving around in dialogs
  • Clicking menus that have no text (only icons)

Controlling Application Windows

How do you switch to your browser when you are in Word? And how to minimize and maximize your active window?

These are the lessons in this module:

  • Opening and closing applications
  • Minimising, restoring windows and moving a window to another screen
  • Switching between windos/applications

Mousing by Voice

In this module you will learn to replace mouse actions with voice commands.

A caveat about Dragon's possibilities in general: many mouse actions can be easily replaced with voice commands. However, something like enlarging an image by clicking on the corner and dragging it cannot practically be done with Dragon.

  • Moving the pointer with the mousegrid
  • Non-mouse mousing
  • Moving the mouse by hand, clicking by voice
  • Moving and dragging the mouse

Microsoft Word and Outlook

Although most skills in this course are usable in many applications, this module covers some specific lessons about using Dragon in Word and in Outlook.

  • Using Dragon in Word (lesson coming soon)
  • Creating and sending an email in Outlook

Controlling and Managing Dragon

This module is all about using Dragon to control Dragon. Very meta 😀

  • Clicking the DragonBar by voice
  • Speech commands to directly address Dragon menus
  • Backing up and restoring your user profile

Meet your Dragon instructor

Hi, I am Janneke! I'm passionate about teaching speech recognition. Especially to people who have pain or difficulties using the mouse and keyboard, due to some physical problem or disability.

When I got severe repetitive strain injury issues almost 25 years ago, I didn't want to give up using the computer. So I learned all about controlling the PC with speech recognition and dictating my documents and emails.

I've now been a speech recognition software trainer and consultant for over two decades, teaching more than 2000 people handsfree productivity!


Fantastic teacher

I think you're a fantastic teacher and this can really help a lot of people

Audrey Hughey Author Transformation Alliance






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7 Days money back guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, 

you can request a refund within 7 days of purchase.

No hassle.


Learn Dragon Online member

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never used Dragon before, is the Learn Dragon Online Academy suitable for me?

It certainly is!

You do need to have experience using a Windows computer, but you don’t need to have any experience using Dragon speech recognition software

I cannot use my hands at all, can I access the content via speech?

The LDO academyis not intended to teach you to use your computer 100% by voice. In the lessons I am assuming that you can occasionally click the mouse or type some words.

Having said that…

Practically everything in the academyis accessible with Dragon speech recognition software.

But remember: You are just learning how to use Dragon. That means that you first have to learn enough Dragon skills to do hands-free navigation.

What Dragon version do I need? Professional or Home versions? 

First of all: This is NOT for Dragon Professional Anywhere.

The content is made with mostly Dragon Professional Individual in mind. This is also the version shown in most tutorials. 

Home edition: If you have the Dragon Home edition you will be able to learn many things However, you will also encounter lessons about features that you do not have available.So that could be quite frustrating if you are not aware of that.

Dragon Professional Group: You can certainly join the academy. There is, however, a modest caveat:

The videos in the course are created with Dragon Professional Individual (DPI). The DragonBar (menu) is organised differently in Dragon Professional Group than in DPI. There a guide included about where to find the menu options in Dragon Professional Group.

There is no content on how to implement Dragon in an organistion or any of the admin features that come with the Group version of Dragon.

Is the price in US dollars or other dollars?

The price is in US dollars

Do you teach custom commands?

In a limited way.

Teaching how to create custom speech commands is not the purpose of the Learn Dragon Online membership. If learning about custom commands is your main goal, then this is not the right place for you.

However there are some instances where a custom command or two help a whole lot and I do help out with suggestions for step-by-step commands. The occasional simple Advanced Scripting Command may also be covered, but this is not support that you're entitled to based upon your membership at the LDO Academy.

What if this is too expensive for me? 

Fortunately there is some free content here in the Academy to get you started with Dragon.

You can also check out the training resources in the software itself. There is an interactive tutorial in the Help.

And YouTube is another free resource for learning about Dragon.

Do I really need this? 

That depends :-)

Do you only need to do simple things with Dragon e.g. just dictation in Word? Or do you have lots of time and are you are smart with learning new computer software? 

If the tech side of using Dragon doesn't scare you and if you absolutely LOVE figuring things out... then you probably don't need my assistance. Hey, that was me over twenty years ago! I'm not against anyone going that road. 

Joining the LDO Academy means that you'll have an expert to help you out when you run into issues of questions. You can repeat the lessons as often as necessary and you have a forum to ask any questions about Dragon.

The monthly Q&A sessions are also a great way to get your questions answered and to get inspired. Sometimes you need to hear someone else's questions to realise what else is possible with Dragon!

I have a Mac, can I use Dragon?

Sadly, there is no version of Dragon for Mac computers. It is only for Windows.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. I'm convinced you'll find the site good value for money. However if you decide to cancel your purchase within 7 days, you will get your money back. 

Is this also a tech support subscription?

There's no promise to help you with technical support. However... Tech questions are part and parcel of using Dragon.

So ask your questions in the forum and if I know an answer I'll definitely share it with you.

Do you guarantee succes?

That's a bit of a tricky question to answer...

I'm confident in my technical and teaching skills and I know that I offer lots of value in this online learning environment. 

Still, the simple fact that you are possibly going to spend the money to access the Learn Dragon Online Academy (and thank you for considering that!) is not going to miraculously improve your Dragon skills. 

As with any skill, you'll need to apply yourself to get better.

And if for any reason you decide within 7 days of purchase that Learn Dragon Online is not for you, there's the money back guarantee.

Are you ready to start mastering your Dragon?

Then you have come to the right place!

I am excited about helping you minimise your keyboard and mouse use and maximise your dictation and hands free computing.


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