Can I install Dragon on multiple computers?

Installing Dragon on multiple computers
[post updated 6 January 2019]

Do your own more than one computer?

If you do, you are probably interested to know whether you can install Dragon on both your laptop and your desktop computer. I frequently get asked if it is allowed to install Dragon speech recognition on multiple computers.


When can I install Dragon on multiple computers?

Much depends on the version of Dragon that you own. According to Nuance, the manufacturer of Dragon, the most recent versions of the software may be installed on multiple computers.

NOTE: Sadly since the writing of this article, Nuance has discontinued it’s Dragon for the Mac software. So I have removed that information from this blog post.

What about Dragon for Windows PC?

And then there’s the Dragon for Windows PCs, about which Nuance says the following on their website:

Copied from Nuance website on 6 January 2019

How many computers can I install Dragon on?


For previous consumer editions of Dragon speech recognition, like Home and Premium Editions, Nuance grants one license of the software. This means Dragon can be installed on one computer located at one physical address. Installation on a secondary computer for back-up purposes is also permitted.

However, the license is per user, not per machine. A licensed speaker is permitted to create and use multiple voice profiles, and these voice profiles can be stored on one or more computers.
A separate license, however, must be purchased for each additional speaker whose voice profile(s) are being used by the software.

It is important to remember that each installation has to be activated on the Nuance server. It doesn’t actually say so in the above information, but the number of times you can install the software is limited.

In the past I’ve been told the software could be installed on five different computers, but more recently I’ve heard you can’t do more than three installations. Personally I haven’t run into issues with too many installations, but I don’t install Dragon on that many computers.

Finally, don’t forget that only one person is allowed to create speech profiles on those computers, otherwise a separate license must be bought.

Disclaimer: I do my best to provide accurate info, but in truth I don’t know how accurate it is. Also, I won’t be able to know if the terms have changed, so this post may not reflect the most current information. Always make sure to check with Nuance for the most current terms and conditions for using Dragon. You’re responsible for your own use of the software.

Janneke den Draak

Janneke den Draak

Hi, I'm Janneke and I'm your go-to person for Dragon and Apple speech recognition software help.

When I got severe repetitive strain injury issues over 20 years ago, I didn't want to give up using the computer. So I learned all about controlling the PC with speech recognition and dictating my documents and emails.

I've now been a speech recognition software trainer and consultant for almost two decades, teaching over 2000 people handsfree productivity!

My online courses for Apple Voice Control and Dragon offer self-paced learning and I also love running my membership for Dragon users. For those in need of an intensive training or custom speech command creation, I am available for one-on-one calls.

    • Unfortunately not, Peter.

      You’ll have to get the software from either your DVD or download it from the original place where you bought it. If you purchased from Nuance directly and you don’t have the download file anymore, I’d recommend contacting their support. Perhaps they can help you.

      You can find your current installation key (sometimes they call it serial nr) by clicking in the DragonBar on Help -> About Dragon. That’ll open a splash screen with info on your installation and below the version name you’ll see the long install key number. Save a screenshot of it so that you can always refer back to it.

      But you’ll still have to get your hands on the actual files for installation.

  • I have Dragon Premium 13. I have installed twice in the same computer because I have changed the hard disc. Now I had to re-installed Window and also Dragon. Should I activate it or it will stop working? It says that if I do not activate it, I can use it only 5 times. Thank you for any help about it.

    • Hi Shichita, Yes you can go ahead and activate the software. If you installed multiple times on the same computer and you cannot activate anymore, Nuance support will help you.

      The limit is really to prevent illegal use of the software and I haven’t heard yet of Nuance refusing to help if you honestly ran out of installs.

      But I think you will be fine to just activate it.

      I’d love to hear back if you managed to get it working again.

      • I had Dragon version 13 installed in my Windows 10 and I had to do numerous recoveries on my computer and dragon advised me I had used up all my activations and I was no longer able to use the Dragon. I have use Dragon for years I never had this problem in the past and they do not disclose that that you have only limited activations. Very unhappy I wanted me to purchase the dragon 15 I asked how many installs I would be allowed and they said they will not disclose that information. I was also told with the dragon 13 if I uninstalled it before I did my recovery it would reinstall it would not count towards the limited activations that was untrue I tried that and it still would not reinstall when they refused to activate it for me

      • Hi Joe, I’m sorry to hear that you have issues with too many activations of Dragon.

        Perhaps you can give it another try with nuance support, explaining that you’ve had tech issues with your computer and could they please release one more activation. In the past I’ve had a couple of clients with similar issues for whom nuance then has given an extra activation. It is important that all activations have taken place on the same hardware. I’m not sure if there’s a fixed policy about these things, or that you might be luckier if you talk to a different support person.

        I’m not ‘in the know’ as to how many activations each license number has, but I believe it is 3. As the last end user license agreement that I read for Dragon Professional Individual and they indicate that you can install the software on 2 pc’s, so that would be the minimum.

        Like you, I’ve heard that uninstalling via Windows (while the pc is connected to the internet) should save the installation license, but I’ve never been able to verify that. I’d guess it won’t solve anything if you already got the too-many-installations error.

        Hope you manage to resolve this with Nuance!

    • Hi Diane,
      First of all I’m not the manufacturer and also not a lawyer, so I can give you my thoughts, but can primise I’m correct.
      It doesn’t say anything about the backup needing to be in the same location, so my guess would be it doesn’t matter.
      Hope that helps.

  • If you instal dragon on two machines, is your user profile (and I assume the data behind it) automatically transferred over. Essentially, are user profiles stored on a nuance server?

    • Hi Gary,
      No, they are separate installs and your user profile is normally stored on your local PC. Hope this helps.

  • hello, I want to get dragon speak for my son to use with sonocent have you heard of it?
    It integrates with sonocent 100 percent. My concern is he is using it for class and recording different professors? will dragon speak be able to recocgnize the different voices?

    • Unfortunately I’ve not had good experience with transcription results of ‘random’ speakers. Dragon is really good if the recording was made by someone who dictates: speaks clearly, doesn’t say ‘uh’, doesn’t repeat half words or sentences, etc.

      Also results are much better when Dragon is familiar with the words that are used.

      Recording quality is also important for good transcription results.

      You certainly can give dragon a try, but I wouldn’t expect too much of it.

      Most of my student clients end up listening to the recording of the lecture at double speed later and then dictating their own notes.

  • Hey, great post, thanks!

    I had an older version of dragon but lost it at a system wipe and can’t find the key. Anyway I am about to buy Dragon 13 home addition. Both my partner and I use it, seems odd we’ll have to purchase 2 licenses. Will the server pick up on the fact that our voices are different?

    • Hi Robin, I’ve never found any indication that Dragon can distinguish between different voices. It’s not a ‘voice recognition’ program as such. It doesn’t know: “this is Peter’s voice”. Rather it is ‘speech recognition’. So it recognizes and transcribes the words that are spoken.

      Having said that, you shouldn’t use a single user profile for different people, as Dragon does adapt to each individual speaker.

      • Thanks alot!

        I installed dragon, can I delete the installation folder that is in my downloads folder? It is huge! (it is like 3.5 GB, while the Nuance folder in program files is only 800 mb)


      • For sure, you can delete the downloaded installation file. After installation, the install files can be removed. Unless you installed the program in the download folder, of course 🙂

        The Program files folder is not the only folder where Dragon has information. It also has info in your personal AppData folder and in the general Program data folder directly under C:.

  • Hi Janneke,

    I am running on Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365.

    Is Dragon 13 compatible?

    What is the lowest Dragon version is compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365? I want to use a lower version because I have been using Dragon since version 3, but after version 7, the recognition accuracy drops for me with every later version installed. I am now on version 15 and sometimes it is totally unusable. Other times it is impossible to train or add new vocabulary. As a result, my user profile doesn’t improve with additional use. In fact, prior to starting this new user profile last week (which is also not always working), my last user profile had not been saved for over a year of usage because after each saving, the recognition accuracy deteriorates.

    But I digress. My questions are simply:

    1. Is Dragon 13 compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365?

    2. What is the lowest Dragon version is compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365?


    • Hi Leslie, Sorry for the later reply: my email client suddenly decided that comments on my site were spam. I do not agree, as I think you have a very valid question.

      As far as I know, Dragon 13 still works fine on Windows 10 and I’ve also seen it work with Office 365. However… Office 365 has new versions coming out regularly and you’re not always aware of new updates. It’s not inconcievable that at one point that particular combo will stop working.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your setup.

  • I just got Dragon Professional Individual v15 just asking can i had it on both my desktop and laptop?

    • Hi Charles, as I understand the rules, you can. As long as you make sure you’re the only one using the software.

      But this is my interpretation of Nuance’s rules and (disclaimer) not legally valid advice.

  • Do you know if Dragon offers a version for users to trial? I am an assistive technology specialist and people come to try out Dragon before they buy it?

    • Hi Jacqui. Great work you do with the assistive technology. So valuable.

      I’ll be mailing you separately to discuss your question.

  • Hi Janneke,

    As I work with languages I need to use Dragon in Spanish and English. My employer has ordered the Spanish Copy Dragon Pro Individual v15, which apparently comes with English also, but I have three questions:

    1. My undrestanding is that I will need to create a different profile for each of the languages. Is that allowed on a single license?
    2. I want to be able to use Dragon on my desktop PC as well as on Windows Surface tablet. Again, will the same licence be valid for both?
    3. The Surface tablet does not have a disc drive. Will I be able to install the software form the boxed pack provided?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your questions. I’ll reply to the best of my understanding of Nuance’s license’s agreements. The caveat is that I am not qualified by Nuance to interprete their rules, so for 100% certainty you’d have to check with them.

      1. Yes, the Spanish version should come with Spanish and English language modules and it is allowed to create several speech profiles in both languages as long as you are the only speaker.
      2. Yes, it should be no problem to have the software installed on both devices, as long as you are the only speaker.
      3. Yes, Nuance will provide you with a downloadlink (it might be this one). If you don’t manage, you can call Nuance support and they should be able to help you out.
      4. Hope this helps you out. If you ever need any help setting up and/or learning to use Dragon, don’t hesitate check out my offers.

        Happy dictating!

  • Hi I want to get dragon for my daughter who is very dyslexic- i cant work out the difference between the wireless and standard version – does wireless just mean that it comes with blue tooth headphones- can you use the standard version with your own blue tooth headphones or is there something I am missing (sorry I am not very technical and this is probably an obvious question) Also not sure whether to go the professional or home version. I think she is going to be allowed to use it in her GCSE’s but I am not sure if it is the home or professional version she is allowed. Also do you know if i can down load it to her one drive so she can use it on both her lap top which she takes to school and her desk top computer at home and any other computer where she uses her one drive? If the home version cant read it back to you but the professional one can – i think i would go professional as she has problems reading too. Do you know if they offer student discounts? Many many thanks claudine

    • Hi Claudine,

      Dragon can be very helpful for people with dyslexia!

      Yes, the only difference is the wireless (bluetooth) headset. The regular version has no headset included at all.

      For reading back, the Pro version would be best or buy something like ClaroRead if available for your country. This has a setting that wilmautomatically read out the text that was just dictated with Dragon. It’s been a while since I worked with it, so please verify if this is still offered. I seem to remember that a 30 day trial for ClaroRead is available.

      The Home version doesn’t allow for removing words from the vocabulary that were added with misspellings. Something to keep in mind.

      The Dragon software must be installed on the hard disk. There’s no way to run it from a usb drive.

      And for the Netherlands all student versions (except enterprise licensing program for schools) was discontinued a few years ago. A.f.a.i.k. this was true for all languages.

      Hope this helps and happy dictating for your daughter.

  • I install Dragon Professional individual 15 on my home pc. Now I want to uninstall it on my pc and install it again in my work pc, can this be done??

    • Yes, if you only have it installed on your home PC, to my best knowledge you could even leave it installed on there and also install it on your work PC. It is allowed to have the software installed on a backup PC. At least, that’s what I read in the EULA when I last saw it. I’ve not hear that this policy has changed, but I’m not the expert on legal things regarding Dragon or any other software.

      • How do I download Dragon Professional onto a second computer. I find lots of info about transferring the user profile, but I can’t figure out how to get the program downloaded on a second computer

      • Hi John,
        Depending on where you purchased Dragon you’ll probably have to download it again to the second computer. Unless you saved the installation file somewhere.
        You can try the official Nuance download site:

        Hope this helps.

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