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Apple Voice Control

Stop typing - Stop mousing
Use dictation and voice commands

Watch the Apple Voice Control demo

Perhaps this is you?

You really want to get started with the new Apple Voice Control, but you don’t know how

You already tried Voice Control, but it didn’t work as well as you’d hoped. 

You’re tired of watching tutorials that don’t show you what you need to know

Does this sound better?

Concrete action steps for your Mac or iPad to get you dictating  in no time

Effective tips on how to get best results with dictation and commands

Short and sweet video tutorials that teach you valuable Voice Control skills

Printable command cheat sheets so that you always know what to say

Questions area in each lesson, so you don’t get stuck

About me

Hi, I’m Janneke! 😀

I love helping you get the most out of dictation and speech commands on your Apple Mac or iPad.

How did I become so good at speech recognition stuff?

Well, when I got severe repetitive strain injury issues almost 25 years ago, I didn’t want to give up using the computer.

So I learned all about operating the computer by voice and dictating my documents and emails. 

At first this was just for my own benefit, but I’ve been working as a speech recognition expert since 2000. Since then I have helped thousands using their voice to dictate and control the computer.

Available courses for Apple Voice Control

Dictation on the Mac

Learn to optimally use dictation with Apple Voice control on your Mac

Dictation on the iPad

Learn to optimally use dictation with Apple Voice control on your iPad

All Access Pass

One year access to all our Apple Voice Control Courses

Individual tuition

Online training for any questions you may have. If you don’t like self study online courses, this is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

I only have one goal with these courses: to make you successful with Apple Voice Control.

If you can figure things out yourself by using your Google-fu and finding free tutorials, you totally have my blessing! Non-one wants to pay for what they don’t need, after all.

However, if you felt totally confident you could figure it out yourself, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. 

Also… have you ever watched 15 minutes of YouTube video only to find out that what you wanted to know wasn’t in there??! Or tried to read a blog post with tips and tricks, only to be frustrated because of the number of advertisements that mess up the actual content?! 

By buying this course, you get to make use of my two decades of experience in teaching speech recognition software. 

If you have a bit of money to spend and don’t want to spend a whole lot of time figuring things out for yourself, then you don’t want to miss out on these.

Let me remind you: You get to understand Voice Control and use it as a great tool to increase your productivity.

✅ A clear course index so that you immediately find what you need
✅ How-to videos, short and to the point
✅ Printable cheatsheets with voice commands (Yay!)
✅ Tips on how to dictate and microphone use
✅ Preventing mix-up between commands and dictation
✅ The option to ask questions in every lesson

These courses facilitate your learning by allowing you to follow the lessons step-by-step. If you prefer the ‘learn as you go approach’ you can pick and choose the topic you want to explore.

So, do you really need this? That’s up to you, but if you decide to buy a course I’ll do my very best to make you succeed!

Because the courses will be updated as Apple Voice Control develops. Any relevant new features will be added to the courses and if there are bugs, I’ll try to find workarounds for you and add them to the course.  

Don’t worry, you will receive a reminder when your access is expiring and it is easy to cancel if you do not wish to keep your access.


You will need a Mac computer running on MacOS Catalina (or later).

I’m running it on a Mac Mini with 4 GB RAM and an upgraded SSD harddisk. 

This works fine.


You will need to have your iPad or iPhone upgraded to  iPadOS, or 13 iOS 13 on the iPhone.


You’ll also need a microphone.

Please don’t be disappointed if Voice Control performs poorly with built in Mac(book) mics. You may have to invest in a separate headset.

On my iPad Pro I have better results when using the wired earbuds than when using the built-in iPad mic.

Yes, if you have purchased the course and within 7 days you feel this is not the right course for your, you can cancel and receive a refund.

Not really; this is not a tech support subscription. Also, if there are major issues with Apple Voice Control in a new realease or so, this is not the place to complain about that.

Having said that, the courses have tips on using the microphone and if I am aware of bugs I will include that information with workarounds if I know them. 

 You can also ask questions if you run into issues and if I know the answer, I will not hesitate to share my knowledge with you.

For the moment the only fully supported language is US English. 

The courses reflect that.

The courses will likely remain for English only.

If and when UK and other types of English become available, I will certainly mention that.